PSI 400 Manual Analytical Probe Station

The PSI 400 Manual Analytical Probe Station is a powerful, economical and easy-to-use probing solution.The PSI 400 is designed to perform a wide range of probing applications, from pad to low micron feature probing on wafers, package devices, hybrid circuits or individual die.

The PUSH/PULL Rack and Pinion X-Y Stage controls, featuring vacuum position locking, are easily operated with one hand. Wafer capability of  6 inches and 8 inches, as well as small samples, are easily and rapidly loaded and unloaded with the system's open architecture. The stage movement may be equipped with a 1 inch x 1 inch stage micrometer movement for increased precision DUT positioning. The stage also incorporates a convenient Theta Control ( 15o) for precision alignment.

The platen will accommodate 10 or more precision vacuum or magnetic manipulators. The platen is machined from magnetic stainless steel plate, while the balance of the station is constructed from black anodized aluminum. The platen incorporates a FAST Z LIFT system that features an adjustable microscope lift delay.

The PSI 400 Series of analytical probe stations were designed to provide performance normally found in products twice the price. These probe stations are ideally suited for Failure Analysis, Engineering Chip Design Characterization, Process Control Analysis, CV / IV, Low Current/Low Noise, Microwave and Biomedical/Biophysics Probing Applications.

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