PSI 200 Manual Analytical Probe Station

This model provides a low cost alternative to full function probe stations while preserving the basic functions needed to perform your measurements. This station is ideal for budget sensitive users and university labs. In addition, users go to work almost immediately owing to its simple design.

The photo insert shows a typical setup using manipulators for probe positioning and stereo style microscope. A pair of fixed platens with plated steel tops allow for both vacuum and magnetic based manipulators to be used. Sample chucks are available from 6 inches to 8 inches in diameter and can be mounting on a fixed post or vacuum pedestal, which allow gross chuck positioning with respect to the platens. The microscope (sold separately) is mounted to a universal post allowing the microscope to be rotated out and away or adjusted vertically to accommodate work fixtures other than wafer chucks or substrate holders. This system usage ranges from DC to High Frequency measurements depending upon the probe and manipulators selected. The sizes of geometryís to be probed are limited only by the magnification of stereo microscopes that can be fitted. The station has a chuck vacuum ON/OFF switch and grounding lug at the rear. The stationís footprint is 24 inches square and can be ordered with any of the accessories listed below.

Call Probing Solutions, Inc., at (775) 246-0999 for a quotation on the basic probe station. All accessories for this station are available online -- see the links below to purchase.

Accessory Selections