PSI 1120 ZL-VO Manual General Purpose Probe Station

The PSI 1120 is designed to accommodate any rectangular circuit board or LCD display panel up to 11.5" (29.21 cm) x 20.5" (52.07 cm) while probing for failure and/or repair. Also used for PCB board level probing.


11W X 20D test area and supports ZOOM LENS style microscope.


19" X 17" X 2" X-Y-Z microscope translation with independent X, Y and Z locks. Precision ball bearing movements with gross microscope settings over 8" above base plate


The zoom lens microscope configuration allows 6.5” of distant from the end of the microscope to the probe contact area allowing process accuracy and ease using mutable manipulators and probes.

Call Probing Solutions, Inc., at (775) 246-0999 for a quotation on the basic probe station. All accessories for this station are available online -- see the links below to purchase.

Accessory Selections