Model P7 Series Probe Holders

Made from 300 series stainless steel, the P7 probe holders accept all model 407 replaceable probe tips, and are secured with a set screw. When used with the P7 Tool Holder Adapter Arm; Z position adjustments are easy, and can accommodate a variety fixtures and probe card holders. Designed for both high temperature (-65 to 300C) and high electrical isolation measurements.

All probe holders are wired with 39 inches (1 Meter) cable. Shield/guard is terminated within 0.2 inch (5mm) of the tip. A shield wired alligator clip is provided for ground applications on all coaxial and triaxial probe holders. Materials used are RoHS compliant.


Single Wire Specifications:
22ga. silver plated stranded copper wire with black PTFE insulation
Standard assembly resistance > 0.2 ohms @ 70 degree F
BNC connector, 2 lug male, 50 ohm, 500VDC max.

Coaxial Specifications:

Coaxial Cable RG 178/B/U, 50 ohm, High Temp. TFE insulation, MIL-C-17
Standard assembly isolation, signal to shield: > 5 Teraohms @ 500 VDC max.
Ceramic insulators
BNC connector, 2 lug male, 50 ohm, 500VDC max.

Triaxial Specifications:

Triaxial Cable <18pf/foot capacitance, Ultra-Low Triboelectric Effect
Standard assembly isolation, signal to guard: > 10 Teraohms @ 600 VDC max
Ceramic insulators
Triaxial connector, 3 lug male, 50 ohm, 500VDC max.

Ready to Order?

Please see the P7 Series Probe Holder Configuration instructions by clicking here

  1. You can order by emailing the factory at or call 775 246-0999 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.
  2. To begin, you will need to know the type of holder you require. Single wire for simple DC measurements, coaxial or Triaxial for shielded or guarded/shielded measurements.
  3. If purchasing for use with a Probing Solutions probe station and manipulator with the chuck below the platen, then the standard part number shown is proper for your setup. Just be sure to select item 4 for the proper termination.
  4. If configuring for other probing configurations then indicate the proper dimensions required in items 1 through 3 plus item 4 for termination.
  5. All configurations carry the same price for your convenience.

    Note: Adaptations to other manufacturer's manipulators available. Please contact the factory for assistance.

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