Ambient Temperature Vacuum Wafer Chuck

400-EVS-6SS - $1,802
6" (152mm) Vacuum Wafer Chuck for General Purpose Ambient Temperature testing with a Stainless Steel vacuum wafer surface.
400-EVS-8SS - $2,650 
8" (200) Ambient Vacuum Wafer Chuck with a Stainless Steel vacuum wafer surface. 

Special Substrate Product Holders
Special product package form factors have always existed in the Semiconductor industry along with the industry standard packages. A prime example is Hybrid Circuit substrates and packages from DC to Microwave Strip Line. Many Flat Pack packages, individual Die and Wafer sample slices can be placed on a standard Vacuum Wafer Chuck with Vacuum reducers such as a VAC-PUC. For other special applications a RSH or SSA may be more desirable. These Substrate Product Holders fit in place of the Vacum Wafer Chuck on a PSI-400 Model Wafer Probe Station.
Other Manufacturers Wafer Probe Station Applications 
Yes! These Substrate Product Holders may be customized for use on most other Manufacturers Wafer Probe Stations when the Customer is able to provide the Mounting Post Dimensions. An absolutely accurate measurement must be provided for a precise fit fabrication of the Mounting Post adaptor. This will assure surface stability for the DUT, with no wobble or surface movement with the application of probe pressure. 

NOTE: Package form factor is stated as square, but any rectangular shape with small and larger opposing sides are accommodated by spring loaded retainers against a fixed position. The only limiting dimension is the larger or Max size of the substrate or package held. So if package sizes vary or
may change with future designs then order the largest size RSH available.

400-RSH-6 - $1,680
0.5 inch square to 6 inch square max Hybrid Circuit substrate or open package. 

PVAC-PUC - $1,700
Vacuum Collection Plate, Single Die Attach
Holds small substrates such as single die, die pieces, wafer slices, Hybrid Packages. Minimum substrate size: 2mm (.079 inch) Used with 400-EVS Series 6", 8" and 12" Vacuum Chucks or equivalent. Stainless Steel, 101mm diameter (3.98 inch) X 3.8mm thick (.150 inch). Flat within 0.05mm T.I.R. (.002 inch)